How To Transcend Suffering

Transcending suffering does not mean that no suffering is present. In the midst of suffering, you can be free by using awareness and total acceptance. Transcend suffering by giving no value to it.

Be at peace whether or not your ego is suffering. Then the suffering will actually end sooner, but you will not care if it stays or goes. You are the unaffected stillness in which everything arises.

Suffering Is Not Who You Are

Suffering is not who you are. When any negative emotion or suffering arises, know that it is nothing to do with you. Do not identify. Let it be completely. Be the space for it. Welcome it willingly, as if you have chosen the experience. From here you are automatically free through your acceptance, and as a result the suffering that is arising will diminish far quicker.

Do not be concerned about how long suffering will last or stay with you. If you want it to go, this is a form of resistance, which actually holds it in place. Paradoxically, suffering will last far less long if you practice total acceptance. It can be an enjoyable experiment - welcome your suffering as if it is pleasure.

This is a totally different way to treating suffering that we are used to - we are used to trying to resist or thinking our way out of negative emotional sates, or distracting ourselves with something else such as food, TV or other people.

You Are Not The One Suffering, So Leave It Alone

Even the one that says "I am suffering" or "I hate this feeling" is the ego. The feeling of "I am suffering" is just another object in the space of your awareness. Leave it alone, let it be.

The one who wants or tries to transcend suffering is not the one who transcends it. You are already transcendent, as the effortless unmoved silence in which all of this appears.

Non Judgement = Freedom

To transcend suffering, do not judge your feelings or emotions, just be totally present with them and accept them. Your awareness and acceptance will disidentify you from the pain and will instantly end your suffering (as you are no longer resisting). From here you will not be concerned about how long uncomfortable feelings or emotions will stay with you - and as a result they will leave much quicker.

There is an unaffected space in which suffering is perceived. You are the space, not the suffering.  Be the space.

Suffering Wakes You Up

Suffering forces you to go deeper into yourself and deeper into the present moment. It forces you out of identification with your mind and body. Either transcend suffering or remain identified with it.

Be grateful for your suffering. It is waking you up.