Unconsciousness Explained

What does it mean to be spiritually unconscious? 

Spiritually speaking, unconsciousness means that there is no awareness of what someone is doing or thinking. They have completely lost themselves in form - particularly thought and emotional forms.

Being conscious means you know yourself as pure awareness. A conscious person is fully aware, fully awake, not identified by any form.

Consciousness = Awareness

A conscious person is alert, still, awake, aware of anything that occurs within him/her or outside of them. They can feel themselves as awareness, even if a thought or emotion is occurring or in a turbulent state, they are the awareness behind it, so they are not taken over by any form of ego.

Unconsciousness Is Like Sleep Walking

An unconscious person is in grip of the ego. It appears as if they have a choice over their behaviour, as if they are somehow choosing what action they take, reactions they have or thoughts they think, but this is not the case.

Everything that the mind does in this state completely takes over the person without them even realising.

They are not awake. They are basically sleep walking. If you encountered someone sleep walking and they did something to harm you, you would not fully blame them because they had no idea what they were actually doing. They had been taken over by something else and they had not even realised.

- This is the same as someone who appears to be "awake" but in fact is still in a dream state. The only difference is that we tend to equate their behaviour when they are "awake" to who they are. Treat them more like a sleepwalker. Their unconscious behaviour, however terrible it may seem, is not who they are. It is their conditioned mind taking control of them.

Another example is to imagine that someone is possessed by another entity, energy, or another spirit. If someone was possessed, they actually can not control what they are doing, and what they do is against their own will.

The ego and pain energy/pain body can be described as entities that possess a person. The true pure nature of someone's consciousness is completely taken over by something else, pretending to be them. They are unable to wake up.

Keep these ideas in mind if you encounter an unconscious person. They help you to see what is real in a person and what is not. You then actually begin to feel more compassion towards people who are dominated by their thinking minds. They have lost themselves, even though it may seem that some have a "strong sense of self" - it is a fake self.

Now that you understand the nature of being conscious and unconscious, the most useful thing you can do is to remain conscious and alert. Be aware of the tricks your mind may try to use to get you thinking again. When you are in this state, unconsciousness in others and yourself is more easily recognised for what it is - sleep walking.

In spiritual terms, if you are unconscious then you are still asleep, even if you look awake.