What To Do When Things "Go Wrong"

There is no point in life where you can be sure you won’t meet challenges again. No matter what happens, thing still arise that may require your attention. Something might “go wrong,” something might need to be fixed.

Recently I have been working out a way to get the free subscription service on this website automated, so that after subscribing, someone gets their free eBook straight away, is added to the list, and also pairing that with a reminder that shows up on screen to make sure someone knows that they can get the extra material for free.

(By the way, I have a system in place now. If you have subscribed already and still get a message appear saying “Have you got the free eBook?” - you can exit the box, and you won’t see it again for a while. Or if you quickly enter your email again, that is the way to ensure you never see the reminder again. Thanks for subscribing if you already have.)

So while I was setting all of this up, there were different companies and different links and different codes and different things to to. I made mistakes. I realised there were a few outdated links on the free eBook. Other things happened for a while that inspired me to write this article.

If something ever “goes wrong”, the way we often get unconsciously conditioned, usually just by copying a parent or other people, is to say “No” to the thing going wrong. Then often we take action to fix it, but this action carries a sense of “No”, a sense of struggle or contraction or resistance. Whatever is done in this state of mind, creates more of itself. It impregnates things with its own energy, and can end up making things go even more “wrong” further down the line.

If I have wet paint on my hands, then everything i touch will have paint on it. That is why it is so important to notice HOW you are doing things, not just WHAT you are doing.

I noticed, for example when I realised there was a mistake on the download link, an inner habit arose to contract, resist, and then move from there. But then I saw that actually, I don’t NEED to contract at all. The resistance reaction is not at all necessary to fix the issue, or any other issue. It is an extra thing that actually clogs your energy, masks peace, and begins to make a mess.

It is like doing things in a hurry. When you have a hurried mindset (which is different to purely acting with speed) - the hurriedness means that nothing is really done properly. Things are overlooked, forgotten, or more mistakes are made because the quality or care of action is lost. So this makes someone often end up using up even MORE time, going back to make corrections, than if they did it without the mindset of “Get past this and get to the next moment. Quick!”

Our resistances and contractions are very rarely ever required for the actions. They are actually inhibitors of effective movement.

So when the next challenge comes, and the resistance or the pain or contraction arise, question do you NEED it? Often we don’t, and tasks can feel painful because we believe that we actually NEED to feel badly whilst doing some apparently tedious, difficult or challenging task. And when you realise that you don’t NEED it, your energy is freed, and the trauma is gone. And the action is better. And things are easier.

Hope that helps,