What To Do With Constant Anxiety?

by Ron Dyck
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)


Hello Adam, I have been on a journey of awareness and am so excited about knowing the truth about being one with all that is here in the present moment. I am blessed.

My question is I have felt anxiety in my stomach for over 52 years. I have tried everything, it's like the feeling when you were little waiting in the dentist's office, only I have had this constantly like a real pain, an ache since I was 10 years old.

Bless you if you can help Adam.




Ok, I'm not sure if this will help, since I will not tell you do do anything in particular. Is it possible to feel the feeling, without calling it anything? So you can give up calling it anxiety, do not give belief to any thought that comes with the feeling such as "I am anxious" or "this feeling will not go away". Is it possible, just for a few minutes to sit, without trying to escape the feeling, without trying to fix it, without trying to resolve it?

Do not act as if you are the caretaker of the feeling. Do not act as if it is your personal creation which you must now be responsible for getting rid of. If we are to call it anything, we can call it energy. Not good energy, not bad energy, just life energy.

Even to try to accept the feeling can be used as another technique to escape it, so don't try anything whatsoever. Give up fighting, give up allowing. If the feeling is so stubborn that it has not left in 52 years, then you may as well become comfortable with it. See that it is inevitable at this moment, it is already here. Take the approach that you no longer have a choice as to whether it is there or not. It is not up to you or anyone else.

Sense, feel energetically without assigning any labels or understanding, just feel what is really there.

Let me know how this goes (comment below if you wish), and I can always add more if you should require, but I will not give you any method, so don't hope for one. Give up all hope. Give up any hope for the feeling to be gone later on. Then how do you feel?...

Comments for What To Do With Constant Anxiety?

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Nov 12, 2014
by: Deborah kerr  

Is the solution you are suggesting apathy? I'm uncertain how to turn apathy on and off. In which circumstances is it appropriate to be apathetic, and in what circumstances should I take some sort of action???

Nov 12, 2014
by: Adam - InnerPeaceNow.com

I am not even suggesting a solution. I would not say I am suggesting apathy, since apathy can have a kind of negative connotation for some people. Trying to behave in any particular way depending on a particular situation will leave you in a mess. Don't be predictable, let yourself be spontaneous, and relax from judging yourself.