Where Does Ambition Go With Presence?

A common question seems to be “If I am present, if I am PRESENCE, then what about progress in life, what about ambition, how do I lead a full life if I am already at peace, not wanting so many things anymore?"

My response is this:

Your reason for doing changes. Before it was all about you and what you could get later on. Now it is about what you create. A creative impulse flows through you with a sense of fullness, a sense of life. It is not the old way of desperately wanting something to happen and then trying to make it happen. It is more flow-ey, the inspiration or action or goal is in you and is coming out of you from a deeper place. It is not the old way of “once I achieve this, then everytihng will be ok.”

It is not like that anymore. The energy to create is within you, you enjoy the manifestation, the energy, the feelings of fullness and what that leads to, but it is no longer about a lacking self that needs something to happen to fulfil it. You feel like you already have, you already ARE what you are creating, and on this plane of existence, it is working its way out of you joyfully.

The only thing to beware of is thinking that what you want to do or create is wrong. Then it will feel stifled. Unquestioningly go with what feels good for you within, as a feeling that permeates your whole body. Feel yourself as you feel you would like to be, in whatever career path you are in. You may not know, you may not have any clue at all about what you want to do or what direction you are going in. This is fine.

The word “want” as I just used it is not really correct. It is not that you want to be something or someone, but rather that your human expression is already naturally going in that direction. To use myself as an example, this website, these writings were all quite unplanned. The books tended to come by themselves. I never had any plans to be a writer or to do any of this kind of thing. It emerged as a result of a collapse of the old regime, the old, resistive, separated relationship with life.

So direction may still naturally be there. It is good. If it is not there at all, then that is fine, I myself had a period of no interest in anything at all. No direction. Most people thought it was bad, that I was lost. I felt it was fine. I had been given a direction since the day I went to school. I wanted to be without one for a while. Even that is not true - just the activity in outer life grew less intense for a while.

So any vision or feeling you may have is now coming from a deeper place. It is far more creative based rather than “get get get based” You are just living your truth, living and externalising what your highest purpose is, naturally. Old ideas and limitations may operate for a while, but life itself shows you ways to drop them, or it removes them for you.

With all of that said, if you ask me next year, I might say something different, But this is how I feel now. If anything is unclear, you can ask me more below.

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I also made a video talking on similar things: