Who Gets Lost In Thoughts?

Who gets lost in thoughts? A simple enquiry that can dissolve the foundation of feeling dragged along by automatic thought-streams.

If you find that you are often lost in thoughts and are not sure what to do about it , try this...

Sit down, for 5 minutes. Close your eyes. Enquire: "who gets lost in thoughts?". Then casually observe yourself inwardly, to locate this person or this "I" that feels it gets lost in thought streams. Do not expect an answer, do not rush to any conclusions. Do not demand a response, but simply look inside. 

Getting lost in thought is a common report of people who feel they are not at peace. Often we can end up saying: "I can't be still", or "I can't stop thinking", or "I get lost in thoughts". In fact, this is all talk of the mind, that we believe to be ourselves. 

You need not wrestle with any thought, or try to stop thoughts, or treat thoughts as bad or wrong in any way, just simply look to see if you can locate the one who gets lost in thoughts. If you get answers like "me", or "I", just casually observe to see if there is any substance to this "me" or "I", if this "me" or "I" is a real person, a real entity, or if in fact it is a thought, pretending to be a real entity.

I do not wish to speculate at the results of this kind of enquiry, but if you were to enquire whenever you have a moment, just casually without expectation, the you may feel the potential for feeling "lost in thoughts" begins to decrease, without any more effort.

Note: Do not be thwarted by the initial resistance that you may feel. The mind may feel under threat and so may throw up thoughts like, "Oh I don't know", "just forget it", or "there is something else I have to do". Don't take these objections seriously, just sit there for a while.