Why Do Heartbreaking Incidents Happen?

by Anup Adhikari
(Sikkim, India)


Hi Adam, I am back again to ask you one more question that has been in the back of mind for some time now. So, most of the pain that lives in us is self-inflicted and we have the power to deal with those but what about the things that cause us pain and we feel unjustified with, like nature or man-made. Several air-disasters like the recent Germanwings flight disaster(where the pilot was responsible), Nepal earthquake crisis(nature), suddenly catching incurable diseases, etc. and there are such infinite cases stemming out of the two. We find a bit of solitude telling ourselves that it was inevitable and/or nature's fury against men's abnormal quest of negativity that led to it. Sometimes, we think it's an act of balancing by nature. There remains a lot of questions unanswered as to why they happened. Of course, people being killed in that way makes us weak and question why things like that happened.


So you want to know why things like these happen?

I don't know why they happen. Sorry.

I could say more things like "what happens in the world simply reflects the consciousness of humanity", but the most honest answer I can give you is that I don't actually know.

Is it certain that all things must have a reason for appearing or happening? Is cause and effect a fact? That's a whole other topic, and it's one that I can't talk about with any gusto.

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May 14, 2015
Got your point NEW
by: Anup

Thanks Adam for the response. I got your point.