Why Do I Feel Fear In Meditation?


Dear Adam,

I was searching some answers online and I found this page.
I hope you can help me.
I am doing yoga for 2 years now and I started donig meditation also.

In first few months of my meditation everything was peaceful and I felt fresh afterwards, but suddenly everything changed. Between 8 and 10 min I have this blitz of lightening and burning sensation in my chest and then tingling trough my hands and whole body. There is also this gold light that often comes and one time siluete of a women. Sometimes it is easy sensation but somethimes it is so strong. One time was so strong that I also couldnt sleep in the evening beacuse every time I was about to feel a sleep the blitz arrived and tingling also. I try to relax and observe the sensations but I start to feel afraid and every time fear takes me over. My heart starts to go very fast and it can last for a day or two. This happens in shavasana and seated meditation and in yin yoga. And it happens every time now.

I dont want to stop doing it but I am a bit scared now. I don't know do I need to stop or change the practice or what? And also I dont know is it normal? I assume i project it somehow in my head this fear and I stick to it the whole day because that is the only thing I can think about, but I would like to stop that but I dont know how. Sometimes I am afraid I am going insane.

I hope you can explain to me what is this and give me some advice what to do so i can enjoy my practice :) 



I’m not sure.

Perhaps it keeps arising because there is strong resistance to it, like something tries to stop it from happening, so it becomes suppressed and keeps re-occuring. Be the space for it. You are not the one in it, “it” is happening in you.

Do you feel as if a great deal of attention is up in your head, or even above your head? Perhaps grounding would help, but maybe grounding is already part of your practice? If you have not heard of grounding or done any specific work for it, a free guided meditation on it can be found here: http://www.innerpeacenow.com/Grounding-Meditation.html It is simply allowing attention/energy to go back down to the earth, rather than all up in the brain and head. 

If you find grounding helps, then it can be incorporated into everything - shavasana, sitting, asana practice, even walking, eating and working can all be done on a foundation of grounding. It is being aware of the earth and ground beneath you, and feeling your natural connection to the vastness of the earth.

I noticed you commented on another question on this site with the question written here. Things like this can happen in meditation, and fear of disappearing can often come up. If fear is there, let it be there. Don’t even interpret it as “fear”. You are not going insane.

Feel free to comment below to update me or respond.