Why Do We Suffer?

"Why do we suffer?" is often asked in the midst of suffering.  "Why does my mind cause me so many problems?".  If your mind never caused you trouble, you would probably remain forever identified with it, forever oblivious and unaware of your true self

Note: the suffering I am referring to here is the self-created, mental-emotional suffering that troubles most of the population.

Suffering forces you to realise the truth.   You either keep suffering or you wake up.

Instead of asking "why do we suffer", totally embrace and accept your suffering, and watch it dissolve as a result.  Suffering can not survive for long in the midst of your complete acceptance, and even if it does remain for a while - you are set free by your ruthless acceptance of what is.

The Mind Is Your Teacher

We often hear spiritual phrases like "escape from your mind" or "break free from your mind".  Often the thinking mind that causes us suffering is portrayed to be something bad or undesirable.  While in a way this is true, never treat your mind to be something bad.  It is a fantastic teacher, if you know how to understand its teaching.

The mind forces you out of identification with it by causing you distress.  You are forced to simply remain as the awareness of it - since the suffering eventually becomes unbearable and any resistance makes it worse.

It is like the mind says: "If you identify with me, you will suffer.  Your only way out of this suffering is to leave me be". 

Realise The Truth

The suffering of the mind forces you to realise the truth - that you are the eternal, peaceful awareness silently observing thoughts, emotions and sense perceptions, not interfering with anything.

Leave The Mind Alone

Whenever the mind causes any pain or suffering within you, treat it as if it is saying to you "leave me alone, I am just passing through, I am not real!"  or "if you hold on to me you will get hurt, leave me be, leave me alone!".  

When you go out and interact with the mind, hold its hand, get involved - it does not like it and it hits you in retaliation.  This is your lesson - leave the mind alone, and it can do you no harm.

Regain Your Power

The mind is only given power by your belief in the thoughts and emotions it produces. Remove your belief in the mind, remove any sense of self from it.  It will then become your slave, not your master.

Believing the mind causes us pain is only because we are believing in the mind itself, and giving it much more power and authority than it deserves.  We give such importance to it and everything that it does that if a single undesirable thought arises, we lose our inner peace.  

Whatever you lose your inner peace for or whatever hurts you is not real and is not who you are.  Remember this.

Relinquish All Resistance

Deeply surrender to the present moment and all that it holds, including your thoughts and emotions.  Don't get involved with any mess inside you.  Useful action can still emerge from this place, but it has a higher energy of acceptance to it.  This energy is much more potent as a beneficial force compared to action from internal resistance.

Remain as the awareness, the silent, nonjudgmental observer of your inner and outer world.  

Silently observe the one that asks "why do we suffer?".

Suffering is your cleanser.  Be the conscious space in which suffering burns up your ego.

If your mind never caused you pain, you would have no reason to realise what you really are.