Why Is This Website Called Inner Peace Now?

Inner peace can only be found now. You can not find it by re-living the past or imagining the future.  When you step out of meaningless thoughts and into the now, you find inner peace, since inner peace is one with your own being.

This message is actually very simple, and it can be applied to all life situations or circumstances.


Try It Yourself

Take a moment to drop your belief in the thoughts your mind is generating.  This includes the concept of time, which is all in the mind.  Use it as a kind of experiment, just to see what happens.  Put no value in the thoughts your mind is now producing, do not believe what arises, do not take the mind seriously.

Allow thoughts to come and go as they please.  Listen without judgement, to the voice in the head.  Do not judge what you hear from the mind, or what you see.  

From here it becomes apparent that you are not the thinking mind.  A natural disidentification occurs.  As you are here, naturally silent, the mind makes noise by itself.  You are the witness.

At this point you may feel some degree of inner peace arising.  You can become aware of yourself as the observing consciousness behind the thoughts of the mind.  This conscious awareness is who you are, and is synonymous with inner peace.

Just quietly observe, not taking any thought to mean anything.  Hold your attention within this awareness, feel it all over.  As you remain here, you naturally go into it more deeply.


Now Is All There Is

There is only now.  Past and future only exist as thoughts.  You are peace itself, and you are here.  Once you become lost in thought, you lose the now, so you lose yourself, so you lose your peace. 

Inner peace is only apparent when you are out of thought, and therefore out of time.  Time can be used for planning purposes of course, but not to be dwelt on and created unnecessarily.

Try looking around the room in silence. Drop all name calling of what you perceive and simply allow your sense perceptions to be as they are.  Pay attention to the background stillness that makes this perception possible.

Dwell as the stillnesss, no matter what your thinking mind may be doing.  The stillness may feel as if it is space - both inside and outside of the body.  A field of presence.  At first this presence is felt as a subtle peace, which will become more established as you allow your attention to rest with it.  This presence is peace itself.

Your thoughts about the situation usually do the most harm

You may find yourself in a situation where inner peace seems impossible within the present moment.  This is likely due to the resistance that your mind creates about the situation, rather than the situation itself.  This is where acceptancecomes in.  

Acceptance is just accepting the form of the present moment, accepting what is at this moment, including your thoughts and emotions.  This does not imply non-action to change the situation.  You are actually far more likely to take effective action when in a state of inner non-resistance.  It seems that our resistance to things is truly futile, as it keeps us suffering and prevents (or at least slows down) any truly useful action being taken.

When you see that now is all there is, you also see that you may as well accept it rather than resist it.  To resist the now is to resist the whole flow of life.  To accept it is to go with life and let life work through you and for you.

Total acceptance of the present moment will diminish the resistive mind-made self that obscures inner peace, so that your own eternal formless nature can be experienced.


It Is As It Is

Once you begin to look at the present moment without labelling and judging everything you perceive, you an see the "isness" or "suchness" of the present moment.  The mind judges the moment and turns it into a concept, whereas awareness simply views it, cleanly.  You are the awareness.

When you dwell in awareness you form no "story" of what is happening, you just percieve it as it is - free from concepts.  You are simply the silent witness of it all. Inner peace emanates from this place of seeing. Now is all there is, and it simply is as it is. Realise this and you will be free.


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