Inner Peace Fables

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Inner Peace Fables


This book contains guidance, wisdom and advice for living in a peaceful, harmonious way, without ever telling you what to do...

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Bertram is shocked to find that his home is being burgled in the middle of the night. They are looking for his peace of mind, and they can’t seem to find it. 

Arthur is on a search to find the boy who can not worry, a lion is pleased to meet a man who has amnesia of the self, and a box with “Happiness Is Inside” written on it is creating a huge problem for some men in the village. 

There is a new mask with a mind of its own, a creature dwelling in the forest which is not as mythical as the children thought, and a bee who finally finds what he was looking for, when he finally stops looking. 

More stories like this on life, happiness and harmony are contained in these pages, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. 

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