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Hello, welcome to the site. My name is Adam and this website is becoming like my child. From that remark, you can probably tell I don't have children.

Main Messages:

  • Thoughts are not who you are. That voice in your head is not who you are. Emotions are not who you are. You are the awareness of them.
  • Resistance to what you do not like in yourself keeps it alive - resisting thoughts, emotions, situations, life - resistance always keeps you feeling stuck to what you do not want. Nonresistance is a liberating and surprisingly powerful key to happiness and useful action.
  • This website also pokes at social conditioning - what we have been told, how we are taught to think and live, and how we can live more harmoniously instead.

It began in 2012 when I wanted to share my own insights and reflections on what I had experienced, what had worked for me and what I had realised within myself after spending a while suffering quite a lot from my own thoughts and emotions. I realise that it can feel as if you are trapped in a box that you can't get out of, but rest assured that once you begin to no longer rest on time to save you, a deeper presence will begin to emerge in your life and consume what used to feel so painful. This is what this website is designed to do - to assist the awakening of consciousness, to help those who feel as if they are suffering unnaturally from their own minds to come out of their dreamed identity, and into who they really are.

It can just be a place to come to when you feel burdened with thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you. People can find that just reading some of the articles can lift the old weights off of their minds.

Since the website began I have continued to add to it gradually. Later on, unplanned, I began writing books as extensions of the site for those that found the content resonating with them.

And here we are today, where I keep adding content, keep writing new things, and use this website as a platform to make available anything I create that I feel is of value to people. Most recently I have been enjoying taking this website's message and weaving it through fictional writing. However this website still continues to have its foundations in more guide-style, non-fiction articles.

So where to actually begin?

If you are completely new to all of this, head to the early articles page. These were some of the first articles I ever wrote, and can be good foundations for the rest of this site.

If you are fairly well versed in material such as this, then the Blog is where all new material is added, and you may be interested in consuming the message in different ways - though short stories or poetry.

This site also had a videos section, and I am getting into the swing of adding videos more regularly as well.

There is also a meditation section, and a whole page of topics where you can see all that this website has to offer.

And finally there are the books, which are available to download as PDFs from this site, or they are available from the regular online retailers like Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

What more can I say? I answer questions through the site, if you have one you can ask here. For anything else you can contact me here. Feedback is always welcome!

I hope this site and all of its additions are valuable resources for you to use.

If you buy a book, make a donationorder an art print or download a meditation, I am always very grateful for your support. It means I can keep doing all of this regularly, and hopefully you get good use out of whatever you purchase here.

If you type in your email to subscribe, you will get extra content - usually articles or videos that extend the material on the website. You will also get a free eBook of common questions and answers covering many areas within this topic. It is worth signing up, because if you don't like it, you can just unsubscribe. And if you DO like it, you will be jumping for joy. (Disclaimer: jumping is not guaranteed.)

Thanks for reading and for visiting, I wish you very well,


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