Using Stripe

All payments and donations on this site are done through the payment processor Stripe. The may not be as well known as PayPal (who I used to use for payment processing), but Stripe are a safe and reputable payment processor. Your payment security is taken seriously and your information is not shared.

Using Stripe means I can integrate all payments and shopping carts directly on the website, so things are smooth, clear and easy.

If you have any questions or queries about this site's payment processing, feel free to contact me.

Ordering Digital Products

After ordering a digital product like an ebook or a meditation, you will be taken to an instant download page, and you will also be sent an email with links to download your product/s.

Ordering Physical Products

After ordering a physical product like an art print, I will get to work packaging and despatching it, and will notify you when it is despatched.


All donations are very gratefully received. You will receive a free ebook with donations of £10 or more, the details of which will be sent to you in an email after donation.

Thank you for supporting myself and the work on this website,