Your Natural State Of Being

Your natural state of being is still, quiet awareness. It is one with a feeling of inner peace, joy and love. In this state you can see that you are one with everything around you, and that your sense of self depends on nothing. You no longer have to look to anything to give you a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction, because it is already there inside you.

It means that you remain at peace no matter what is going on around you. You know that you can not be destroyed, even if your physical body can be. There is a sense that everything is ok, even if there seems to be chaos around you. You can see through the illusion of it all.

All the doubt, fear and worry that people carry around in them are not seen as so serious any more, and you take no part in it. You can see in this state that so many of the problems humans think they have are all just conceptual. They are completely imagined, yet seem so real if you are identified with your mind.

Your natural state of being is an effortless calm that brings peace wherever you go, right action flows out of it without much effort on your part. You are just observing it all happen. No praise, blame or criticism can effect your inner state when you know yourself to be awareness, and you transcend the dualities of life - good and bad, happy and unhappy, right and wrong. All of these are tricks of the mind. 

Stop judging things and you can see that it is your mind that causes you so much pain, rather than the situations that it is reacting to. It is usually never the situation that does you the most harm, but your reaction to it.

When you realise that your thoughts are the things that cause you the most suffering, you can easily free yourself from them. Do not take your thoughts so seriously.

Your natural state of being can only be reached now. Let this moment be as it is without labelling anything and enter your inner body. You are already complete.