Nonresistance - How To Live Each Moment in Peace

For This Moment, Accept What Is

Nonresistance (acceptance) of what is takes you immediately into a peaceful state. All of your actions are then of a high quality and you harbour no internal negativity.

What would happen if you accepted this moment fully - including all of your thoughts and emotions? - you would instantly be at peace.

The nonresistance/acceptance this article talks about need only be applied to the present moment and whatever it contains - including thought and emotion.

The present moment already is. It is inevitable. You may as well accept it. If you resist it, you suffer, and are actually less likely to come up with an effective solution to any problem.


Nonresistance Eliminates Ego

Resistance is of the mind, of the ego. This is why nonresistance can often be misinterpreted by many people as weakness - this is the ego's interpretation. The ego fears nonresistance because it means no more ego.

The unobserved human mind is in a stream of constant resistance to the present moment - it is rarely in the present. It is always imagining the past or future. What it can not see is that there is only ever this moment. That is all there is. Everything else is imagined, of the mind.

The only thing you have to fully accept is this moment, as it is. That is all. There is no difficult transformation that has to happen within you. Just do it now - accept the present moment fully. This means that you are allowing everything within in it to be, and you stop placing your sense of self and concepts onto anything - even your own thoughts and emotions.

Just be the witnessing consciousness of your inner state. Then you will find it easy to accept the present moment.


Acceptance - The Shortcut To Inner Peace

Imagine yourself in a bad situation. What would happen if you FULLY accepted it? - You would immediately be at peace. You may feel resistance to this within you, as if "some things can not be accepted and require resistance so that they can be corrected or resolved"….

….lets see how this egoic argument is flawed..

The reason the ego believes resistance is necessary in certain situations is because it believes this resistance will resolve its undesirable situation. This will mean it can be at peace at some point in the future - of course this involves time, which the ego lives on.

-So it is aiming for peace - but through acceptance of the present moment, inner peace is reached instantly, with no more effort. Does this not seem much easier than the ego's insane method of resistance before peace?


You Can Still Take Action

What the ego will also say is that if you accept something, you will do nothing to change a harmful or undesirable situation. This simply is not true. It is another lie.

- Imagine you look up and a large object is falling from the sky soon to land on your head. You can accept that it is falling. From there you simply step to the side. It doesn't mean you stand there and wait to be hit despite alternative options being available. You do what is needed.

- If you get into the shower and the water is too hot, accepting that the water is too hot does not mean you have to burn yourself.  You naturally turn down the temperature.

- If someone is threatening you, you can accept the isness of the moment, and then do whatever you are moved to do. You may do nothing, you may walk away, you may say something or do something else - but your action or nonaction will be from the spontaneity of the present moment, not pre-conceived.  It will also not be motivated by fear or resistance, but from a higher intelligence.

This is always the case when you are in a state of inner nonresistance to what is - you do what is needed, what is required. If nothing can be done, you do not mind, you are at peace, free, surrendered.

Acceptance transmutes undesirable things into peace far quicker than resistance does.

Resistance keeps the undesirable thing in place - this means the ego can stay in place through resistance - and the cycle continues.

- in other words - resistance is a self-preserving mechanism of the ego. It will do anything or say anything to convince you that inner resistance to the present moment is justified.

Resistance separates you from the object of resistance - ego lives on separation!

- again, resistance keeps ego in place.

Acceptance and inner nonresistance puts you at one with whatever you are dealing with, external or internal. It is a key to freedom as well as effective action. You can still say no, take action, or leave harmful situations, but action is of far higher quality than that from inner resistance.

When you accept things as they are, they no longer have power over you to control your inner state. Even nonresistance to a strong negative emotion will mean that it will pass away far quicker than an emotion that you resist internally. Nonresistance removes its power, resistance gives it power.

Acceptance of form (of "things") takes you deeper into the formless dimension of who you really are. Nonresistance allows a gap in the mental stream of thinking or resistance, and your true nature can shine through. This still awareness that you are is always there, but is usually covered up by the resistance of the mind. Relinquish resistance and you are left with a still and alive intelligence full of peace and tranquility. This is you.


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