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Inner peace is part of who you already are.  Believing yourself to be the many thoughts and emotions that arise will make inner peace seem a rare occurrence.

You are the awareness in which thoughts, emotions and sense perceptions arise.  Knowing yourself as this is synonymous with inner peace

This site aims to show you:

  • who you are 
  • how do deal with troublesome thoughts, emotions and pain 
  • how to realise and experience the constant peace within so that inner peace can be a permanent foundation of your life - for free 

Most of us are led to believe that we will finally get inner peace in the future sometime, after we achieve, acquire or become this or that. We believe we have to do or be something to finally be satisfied....

....we tend to look for peace and satisfaction where they can not be found for long.  Instead of looking outside, this website will direct you inside....

Inner peace comes from within you and can only be experienced now, at this moment. It is a characteristic of your true nature. Rather than being something that you find, genuine peace is part of who you already are. It is just your thoughts, emotions and a false sense of self that cover it up.

This site acts as a resource to help you realise what you really are, so you can dwell in your natural state of peace and awareness.

This website aims to help you:

• Realise that your own inner peace does not have to depend on anything else.

• Understand the nature of the human mind and freeing yourself from it.

• Be undisturbed by your own thoughts, emotions and exterior circumstances.

• Live in a state of greater peace, ease and security.

Do not distress if you can not yet experience inner peace. Surrender is a potent peace-revealer. Totally allow yourself to not be at peace, accept your feelings without labelling them and see what happens.

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When you are more at peace, more still, more clear and more happy, your outer world will reflect this back to you.  

Life flows easier, people become helpful, you access the source of abundance, your action in the world is far more effective, and life becomes more enjoyable.

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Weekly Pointer

Anything like anger, sadness or anxiety are always far worse when we don't want these things to be there. If we forget what we have heard about what is the "right way to feel", and instead fully accept our feelings, as they are, without labelling them - this is where healing takes place, and suffering diminishes. 

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