Non-Judgement - A Key To Enlightened Living

Non-judgement allows for instant inner peace. It means you are instantly still and alert when you choose not to judge. 

Experience non-judgement and experience freedom.

All the judgements we place on the world - good or bad, right or wrong, mentally labelling things - keep our ego in place. They keep us from becoming one with life and at peace

Judging Strengthens Ego

Your opinion of right or wrong, good or bad is from your conditioned mind. This conditioned mind is what we are looking to become free of.

Every moment is as it is. Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong, or has any meaning. It is the ego that places these judgements on things.

To judge occurrences as good or bad is to believe that there is no greater intelligence running the universe, that everything is just a random event. Even if you were to believe that occurrences are random, it is still clear that believing your mind's judgements about what happens keeps you trapped in your thinking mind, and often trapped in suffering.

Judgements create separation between you and what you are judging - the ego needs this idea of separation to survive. If a situation arises and you judge it as bad, you and the situation then seem to become separate, and suffering begins. Through non judgement, you realise that you and the situation are one. Then any action required naturally happens, from a place of transcendence within yourself.

In many circumstances, we call something bad because we have been told that it is bad. We call it good because we have been told it is good.

The ego loves to judge things. A lot of our culture is based on judgement. Notice that it is your mind that judges things, not you. You are that which is aware of this mind activity. See this and you will be able to dwell in a relaxed state of non-judgement, as you are not the one who judges.

Non-judgement can be applied to anything - people, situations, thoughts, feelings or things. It takes you deeper into the truth of reality.

If you judge a person, they instantly become a concept to you - you lose who they are. If you do not judge them, but allow them to be, you are more likely to see their inner essence as who they actually are, which is one with you.

If you judge a thing - even calling an object "my glass" - this forms another concept, and the object becomes deadened through the filter of the ego. Look at an object with no judgement or mental labelling. Can you see the stillness emanating from that object now? You see it as it is.

If you judge a situation as bad, you instantly feel bad. If you do not judge the moment, allow it to be, a sense of spaciousness, aliveness and peace arise, and you become free of the situation, or spontaneously the situation becomes more pleasant through your own or someone else's action.

If a thought or emotion arises you may call it "an awful feeling". Calling it this gives its awfulness a certain reality for you. It is in fact part of the feeling that labels itself as "awful". Can you see the "isness" of the feeling? It is just there at the moment. To judge or resist makes the feeling worse. To watch it without judgement means that it can not grab hold of you like usual, and it weakens by itself. In this way you can become free from any pain energy.

The Ego Can Not Understand Universal Intelligence

The human mind can not understand the nature of the entire universe, how everything is connected, how everyone experiences a direct reflection of their inner state, how every moment can be used to transcend the world and evolve.

Instead of realising this and realising its judgements are insane and cause suffering, it continues to call things good or bad, right or wrong. Believing these judgements keep you trapped in the content of your mind. Choosing not to judge puts you in alignment with life itself.

You may want to judge situations as "good". However this implies that there can easily be something "bad". Watch out for this trick. Good can not exist without bad in your judgement, they are actually part of the same thing, and keep you from what you really are.

Non-judgement takes you to a place where you can transcend the world and your ego. It takes you to a place of neutral serenity, at one with yourself and everything around you. Remain as the space for any judgements arising in you, remain as the watcher.

Try it just for today - judge nothing that occurs. If judgments arise - remain in non-judgement, just watch, within and without.

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"This silence, this moment, every moment, if it's genuinely inside you, brings what you need. There's nothing to believe. Only when I stopped believing in myself did I come into this beauty. Die and be quiet...Your old life was a frantic running from silence. Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. Live in silence."

~ Rumi

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