Free Your Mind: 131 Poems For Inner Peace

Inner Peace Poetry is a book full of over 100 inspirational poems to deepen your inner peace and accelerate your spiritual enlightenment.  From the founder of - the free resource for inner peace.

Use these poems as quick ways to take you out of your head and into your heart, away from tension and into relaxation, away from stress and into the breath.

Use them as easy ways to fall back into the peace within...

"This entire book of poetry, has come as a surprise,
Suddenly these poems decided they all wanted to arise,
And so here they are in book form of considerable size,
Pointing to an intelligence that flows throughout our lives.

An intelligence that’s natural, which is the same as Nature,
Some may call it God or Life, the Universe or Creator.
The intelligence that beats your heart, that regulates the breath,
The source of thought, the home that exists, that houses birth and death.

Whatever name you have for it, it makes itself announced,
As the existence that you are, the silence beneath the sounds,
Or the love you feel when for a moment you are free from lack or fear,
When you no longer have the deceitful voice that whispers in your ear..."

These are poems for peace-seekers. Each one can quickly take you into tranquility, and make it clear that the tranquility is always within you...

(Previously published as “Inner Peace Poetry”)