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What Is Inner Peace Guidance?

A one-to-one session with me to deepen your inner peace and move past any specific issues, fears, emotions, thoughts or hurdles you might be facing. 

It is designed to be a guide to freedom, helping you access the truest part of yourself and leaving you feeling freer, lighter and more creative than before.

Is It For Me?

If you feel this website is resonating with you and you would like some one-to-one guidance to go accelerate your awakening or go deeper into what you are personally experiencing, these sessions are designed to save you time and energy by giving you direct and focused attention to answer any questions you might have and work through any difficulties you might be facing.

What Happens During A Session?

Using the form at the bottom of this page, we will arrange a time to speak and meet via video call.

We will first discuss what you have been experiencing recently, and what you would like to be free from or what you would like to gain from the session.

From here the session becomes very spontaneous. I don't have set techniques or questions that I expect to work for everyone. Sessions can sometimes be conversational, with me answering any questions you might have regarding how to deal with a certain thought or emotion, situation, circumstance or person in your life.

Sometimes the sessions can have an element of guided meditation, where we go deeper within to resolve issues or merge more deeply with the stillness and source of Life within.

Much like my responses to questions on this website, the sessions and my responses are a direct reflection of the energy of the questioner. Each session is different, tailored to whoever is calling. I don't have any plans of what to say during a session - which allows spontaneous insights to come through that are specific to helping who I am speaking with.

What Do I Need?

Just some some kind of internet calling software such as Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Snapchat or Zoom.

What's The Price?

The Inner Peace Guidance service works off minimum donations of £45 for every session. Each session lasts anywhere up to 1 hour 30 minutes, and donations can be made before or after the call using the donation page here.

Save 20% For Multiple Sessions

If you would like some sustained guidance instead of a single one-off session, you have the option of a 20% discount for three sessions within three months.

Instead of the minimum donation being £135, it shrinks to £108 for three full sessions with me.

Going Deeper On Your Journey

If you want to go further on your journey and continue to uncover the peace within, you can have a read of some testimonials from people who have had sessions with me, and you can use the form at the bottom of the page to book a session...

Some Testimonials:

What a genuine gift Adam has that he effortlessly shares with the world. After following Adam for a while, buying and reading his ebooks and his artwork, I reached out to him for his insight on a topic that was troubling me. He responded so quickly and in such a huge amount of detail with words that truly spoke to my soul. I poured over every word and embodied the teachings he gifted me and was able to apply the teachings straight away.

I then decided to book a one on one coaching session with him to discuss something more in depth and complex. He arranged it really quickly, and we spoke for almost 2 hours. He offered me insights and wisdom that was as though it was channeled through him to be specifically delivered to me at that time. He was really profound in his ability to communicate, reflect, respond and deliver infinite wisdom that resonated with me.

He helped me tackle issues with my family, how to help myself in situations to remain inward and calm and how to use this to help others. He was clear and there were strong key messages that will be with me forever. Thank you Adam. Infinite blessings from my heart to all.
— Kate
Adam is the real deal. You can tell he speaks from his own experience and knowing. On top of that, he also has a kindness and compassion that make him a good listener and easy to talk to. I have benefited so much from his website and books, but I found getting to connect with him one-on-one helpful to explore my own unfolding work in a personal way. I have very much appreciated talking with him.
— A.S
I was feeling very low and had been visiting dark places in my mind for some months. My self-esteem was completely depleted and I felt had lost my way - particularly with regards to my career.

Adam had one Skype conversation with me; he listened, was very patient and still with me, guided me to observe my own thoughts and as if by magic, my mood shifted.

This continued over the next couple of weeks and I started to feel myself again, with energy and enthusiasm for life, able to recognise opportunities and seize them.

Months later, I continue to find real joy in each day and my career is going really well. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it Adam, you saved me!
— Rachel
From the start of the session with Adam, I felt at ease. He is a very genuine and peaceful energy. I think that the session was extremely helpful and I took a lot away from it.

I had some questions regarding matters of the ego and processing thoughts/emotions. He illustrated ways to work on those aspects of myself that most need healing. We did a short guided meditation in which I was able to access a very painful part of my life and give it accepting and loving energy. The session helped me be more honest with myself and even to feel safe in that honesty. I used one of his suggestions today when I had one of my usual difficult emotional downs and it helped me to not go into a reactive state as I usually do. Already, I am reaping benefits from the session.

Personally I think a session with Adam would be helpful to anyone on a path towards consciousness/realization or even just general personal development.
— C.M is a fantastic website which has helped me recover from a difficult episode with anxious thoughts. The articles are easy-to-read and the advice is simple to implement, while the fact that Adam makes himself available for a personal consultation is a massive bonus.

I had an hour-long session with Adam on Skype and it was brilliant value for money compared to the amount I have spent on therapists over the past few months. He’s just a genuinely nice bloke who listens to your situation and makes simple recommendations which set you on the path to feeling better.
— Matthew
Adam helped me realise that I am not my thoughts or feelings. To stop the suffering the way forward is complete surrender to these thoughts and feelings, as trying to do something about them just causes more problems.

Adam’s style is very relaxed and I immediately found him great to talk to and he got the message across very well.

If you are thinking about having a session I would very much recommend this as talking to Adam will help you discuss your own personal circumstance in detail. Thanks Adam.
— M.H
There are a lot of people offering advice and perspectives with good intentions. Sometimes this self-help can take you further away from what you are seeking by taking you deeper into your concepts and thinking. Adam is not one of these people.

If you have a question that you would like to have answered from a place of wisdom rather than the personal mind, I’d recommend you talk with Adam.
— N.H

If you would like to book an Inner Peace Guidance session with me, simply fill out the form below and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

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