Peaceful Sleep During "The Awakening Process"

You may find that as you increase your level of awareness and start to "clear out" all the mess that is in your mind, you may experience crazy, vivid dreams that may seem different to usual.  This is normal, so do not worry, it is often part of the cleansing process.  

As your sense of presence increases you may also notice that you are sometimes more tired than usual, and other times feel you have more energy and greater presence, feeling more awake.  

The tiredness may come as part of the cleansing process, similar to a physical detox that someone may go through - the effects of cleansing can at first seem negative, but they are just creating space and eliminating what you no longer have use for.  

The increased sense of energy may come after this.  As a result of the cleansing, less energy is wasted through useless thinking and resistance, and so your energy is more abundant and readily available for more useful endeavours if any arise for you.

How To Sleep Better

The most powerful exercise to begin to heal the mind is to completely give up on following after it, taking it seriously, resisting it or trying to control it.  See what happens when you end your relationship with your thinking mind and just let it be.  It will lose energy, and will lose power over you.  

It may become even more uncomfortable at first because it may throw up something to really try to grab your attention.  Allow it to dance around like this and remain as the silent witness of all of it.  If you can do this, you will soon find inner peace and of course peaceful sleep will be far more easy.  

Becoming aware of the breath is a great aid in maintaining this state of awareness of thought.  If you are aware of the movement of your breath, you will automatically be aware of any thought or emotion that may have been previously unnoticed and preventing peaceful sleep.  

The breath awareness will also balance your energy more evenly throughout your body - removing the fuel to the thinking mind that never seems to stop.

More on how to sleep better can be found on this page.


Relaxation techniques during the day and before you go to bed can also promote restful and quality sleep.

Ground Yourself

Grounding is an important aspect of good peaceful sleep. 

See the Grounding Meditation to enhance your own ability to ground yourself and remain in connection with the earth.

Grounding yourself means you are far less likely to get "spaced out" and sleep will feel more solid and restful. 

Being grounded also means you will feel more secure in your daily life.

Drop Worry

Often people are preventing from sleeping peacefully because they are worrying about something.  Notice how worry is futile, and arises by itself.  See the page for how to stop worrying.


Many people can also be kept up at night by being angry at something or someone from the past - it could have been the earlier that day, yesterday or years ago.  The past can still be kept alive in the mind.  

The past is just a story in the head. Forgiveness is far easier as you realise this and come to understand the nature of the human mind and your experience here.  

See the page on how to forgive for more.

Sleep Meditation

Something I recorded that may help with sleep, click below to listen...


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