Finding Happiness

Finding happiness that lasts seems to be a challenge for most people. If only they knew where to look! Finding happiness in the world of form can not exist without finding unhappiness in it. Going within takes you beyond this duality.


This is not being pessimistic. It is true. It does not mean that you can not be happy, but rather that permanent happiness must come from a different place.

Most of us seem to go through life completely dependent on what is happening around us for our own inner peace or happiness. It is as if what goes on in our lives controls our inner state of mental or emotional wellbeing.

There seems to be no other way for a while – the only way to feel good is to have what we want in our “exterior” world- relationships, possessions, status, things “going well”. We are conditioned to believe that all these things have to make us happy, because most of the world knows no different. We often demand that situations and circumstances fulfil us….

.…eventually you come to realise that this doesn’t work. Situations change. What makes you feel good therefore has complete power over you to make you feel bad. Things that you desired and believed that once achieved or acquired could make you at peace, fulfilled or happy, seem to lose their fulfilling quality after a while, or they get destroyed or go away leaving you feeling unhappy again.

“There must be another way” many people seem to say. “Is life really meant to be like this? Always looking to the future for happiness but never really finding true fulfilment?” Struggling through negativity or unhappiness believing that one day some thing will take it all away?

Of course there is another way, and it is far more simple than demanding that your physical world bring you fulfilment. Realise who you truly are, and you will automatically feel inner peace, fulfilment, joy, everything you seem to have been searching for.

Have you noticed yet that most of your suffering arises from your own thoughts and emotions about something, rather than the thing itself?


Real, authentic happiness comes from within. It is already there, now. What covers it up are many thoughts and emotions that you identify with, meaning that you are lost in them, lost in the ego.

This website will help you free yourself from this attachment to thought and emotion, and point you towards what you actually are – formless, timeless awareness. This awareness is one with the present moment and cannot be harmed. Once you know this is who you are, what you used to know as happiness seems shallow and superficial in comparison.

There is no need to look to the past or future for any kind of peace, satisfaction or happiness. This actually keeps you stuck in your mind and away from where you and your true happiness actually dwell - here and now. True happiness is an intrinsic part of what you already are, and can quickly be found through present moment awareness.  Finding happiness is a result of going within, not without.

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