Looking For Happiness

What really happens if you stop looking for happiness?  What happens if you drop all expectations that you should be happy or satisfied?  Can this unconscious expectation be dropped?

Don’t try to be anything.  Don’t try to be peaceful or happy.

Be with your present-moment experience.  There may be feelings of heaviness, unhappiness, noise – perhaps many things.  Don’t label anything, and fully allow your inner state to be as it is.

Whatever you can feel, fully allow it and don’t try to change it or feel differently.  Don’t chase anything.  Don’t seek anything.  Don’t desire any other feeling.

Then what happens?

The habit of looking for peace or happiness will take you away from it, and makes you believe that they are objects to be found, or things to be found in other objects.

When you withdraw your energy from looking for happiness or satisfaction, you move deeper inside yourself.  Your attention can settle on your own sense of being.  Your emotional baggage can be cleansed by your neutral awareness.  Then there arises, even if very subtle at first, a feeling of contentment. 

This is not the kind of happiness that has an opposite, it is not a personal happiness based on a "me".  Happiness may not even be the right word, but the more space and allowance you yield to it, the more it can emerge.


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