Emotional Wellness

Ultimate emotional wellness comes when you have realised that emotions are not who you are. You are the consciousness, the awareness, the space in which emotions come and go. If there is anger, you are the one that knows it is there. If there is fear, you are the one that knows it is there.

Believing that you are your emotions gives them strength and power over you. This means that whenever an emotion arises, it completely takes over you, acts through you and speaks through you.

The pages here aim to help free you from bondage to your own emotions. When you are free, emotion may still arise, but it does not take you over, it does not become mistaken for who you are.


To become free from your own emotions, a certain state of alertness and surrender is required. Emotional wellness can not come through resisting your emotions, as this will keep them in place.

Notice how emotions and emotional reactions to things arise all by themselves, with no choice on your part. Just noticing this can break your identification with them. You can not stop emotions arising through resistance or suppression without making them worse.

All you can do is surrender to them. As they arise, let them be. Through your non-resistance and non-judgement, they immediately have less control over you, less strength.

Your simple awareness of emotions transmutes them into increased awareness, which brings inner peace. A simple watching from within is all that is required. Feel the force of the emotion without judgement. This creates a gap between you and emotion, allowing you to automatically remove your consciousness (or identification) from it.

You are the awareness behind any emotion, silently observing any emotions (or thoughts) that arise.

A genuine acceptance of emotion, however painful, is actually a very effective method of emotional healing. Paradoxically, this acceptance or even welcoming of a painful emotion can completely take away the power of the pain, and leave you in an increased state of inner peace and emotional wellness.

This acceptance does not involve feeding or getting involved with the emotion. Instead, through your acceptance you offer no resistance to the present moment and instantly become more peaceful. 

The energy of acceptance is opposite to the resistive energy of a painful emotion, and means that a painful emotion can not survive for long within it. 

Remain present and do not give your emotions the authority that they do not deserve. They do not matter. They have nothing to do with you or who you are. Remain with this attitude, and they will lose power over you and will lose strength within you. Once you can experience emotions without any sense of self invested in them, you can experience emotional wellness.


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