How To Feel Better Faster

Hello everyone,

Following on from last week's article about calming mind storms - focussing on the goodness that is there when the storm isn't so strong - this week I thought I'd share a little game you can play that might lead to greater feelings of peace, ease, freedom or lightness...

A lot of my material talks about not resisting yourself, and giving yourself permission to feel a certain way. This can be very useful. Another tip, and perhaps another small step that can be taken when you are no longer interested in fighting against yourself, is to carry out a little “mood-hack”.

Let’s take an example. Someone does not feel happy. Perhaps they feel burdened by something. Perhaps they feel trapped in their own life or their own mind or their own conditions. It is natural to want to feel free from all of this, or to feel lighter or happier. Instead of TRYING to feel better, you can instead ask yourself some very simple questions.

Really, it’s just one question:

“How would it feel...”

How would it feel to be free? How would it feel to be secure? How would it feel to be happy? How would it feel to be grateful? How would it feel to be appreciative? How would it feel to enjoy life? How would it feel to let go of all sense of worry? How would it feel to be free from all drama? How would it feel to be abundant? How would it feel to be abundance itself? How would it feel to be loved?....

The questions could go on for a long time, and they are only useful for you if asking them makes you feel better. You only need one.

Entertaining Your Preference

How would you like to feel? If you could snap your fingers, if no effort was required, would you like to feel a certain way? If you would, there’s nothing wrong with that. We usually think that some form of resistance is the path to greater freedom, when it is much easier to make the feeling unconditional - not tied to events or outcomes - and instead discover that it lives within us already, ready to be experienced if we TUNE ourselves to it.

Asking questions like the ones above starts to reveal to you that you can have a say in your emotional experience, and that it does not have to be tied to anything in the world. Asking “how would it feel to feel free?”, for example, shows you that freedom is a state of being, not necessarily a result of some occurrence. The more you realise this, the more you can experience freedom within yourself, and the more you radiate it out into the world.

Be Experimental

Asking “how would it feel”, and asking it in a playful, experimental sense gives you a barrier of safety. Our minds find safety in negativity and it’s related efforts, and liberating ourselves can feel dangerous. Asking a hypothetical question is like saying to your mind “it’s okay, this isn’t real, we don’t have to feel like this forever. Let’s just see how it feels...”

And then, soon enough, you realise it is real, and you see that tuning yourself to a more abundant frequency does not hold you back or keep you ignorant of things that need fixing in life. Instead you become clearer, more intelligent, and available to receive solutions far more easily.

So if you are feeling bad, just start to ask yourself “How would it feel to feel good?”, “How would it feel to let myself feel good?” Your mind might resist at first, but carry on. Be simple and curious about the answer, and see what the results will be...

Thanks for reading. Hope that helps.

All the best,


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