Calming Mind Storms

Calming Mental Storms

Hello everyone, hopefully this little article will help some of you this week…

My books and blogs speak enough about what to do (or not do) when you are experiencing “mind storms” of anxiety, anger, frustration, or an oncoming depression. “Pain body” or “Painmaker” attacks can create a whirlwind of uncontrollable suffering that leaves someone feeling as if they are a victim of their own mind and emotions.

Enjoy The Breaks

For this week, rather than focussing on what to do or not do when these mind storms come, instead focus on the clarity or peace that is present when these mind storms are NOT there.

It is easy to overlook a good thing. It is easy to overlook clarity, peace, or an absence of suffering. People I speak to during one-to-one sessions often want to discuss what to do when they are in the midst of a mind-storm, which they also report are becoming less and less frequent as they follow advice from myself or others...

But the more we focus on the trouble, the more significant the trouble becomes. It can be easy to turn relatively rare occurrences into big problems that need to be conquered in some way. When we start to think like this, mind-storms once again become our focus, and we usually slip back into resistance.

Strengthen Your Appreciation

Instead, strengthen your “spiritual muscles” in the moments when you are calmer, when things are easier or you don’t feel so overwhelmed. If you simply feel an absence of a mind-storm, begin to appreciate the relative peace that you feel. If you feel slightly happy or free at any point during the day, simply appreciate the associated feelings. If you are ever grateful for anything in your life or appreciating anyone or anything around you – allow yourself to enjoy that experience even more.

Go all-in on feeling good in the moments when the mind-storms aren’t there. Rather than worrying about the next “pain body attack”, enjoy the clarity or peace when the pain isn’t taking over.

This might sound as if you are avoiding real issues within yourself, but really you are gradually raising your vibration, or raising the strength of your consciousness so that mind storms or pain body attacks start to weaken by themselves. You begin to form a habit of not needing to resist your own mind when your mind is calmer, so that when the mind storm becomes intense, you are more in the habit of offering no resistance.

Wise Preparation

A powerlifter does not focus all of his energy on just the day of the contest. He focusses his energy on training beforehand so that he is strong when the contest comes. Rather than worrying about what to do in a mind storm, strengthen your peace of mind by appreciating any moments of clarity when they arise in your life. The more you appreciate anything like this within yourself, the more it grows, and the stronger your “free” awareness becomes.

If this resonates with you, perhaps I could add more next week – the next stage of raising your vibration in an easy, playful way.

If you feel you absolutely have no moments of peace or ease, then feel free to dive into my free blog or check out my books for inner peace.

I hope this has been useful. Thanks for reading.

All the best,


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