How To Feel Better

A Trick For Feeling Better

Here’s a simple trick to actually make yourself feel better if you are feeling bad in any way.

But you have to be willing to play a game, a game that disregards what your mind thinks of as "reality"...

Often you might feel as if you have no control over how you feel.
Every thought and emotion has already arisen before you can even react.
So in a way, nothing is in control.
But, there is another way...

If something is troubling you,
a worry or concern or hang-up,
then ask yourself:

How would it feel if I was free from this?

If you give it a chance, you might feel yourself becoming more free.
Be playful with it, use “What if”...
“What if I was free? What if I felt free?
How would it feel?”

Asking questions like this can expose the fact that when you are not so serious,
when you are playing a bit of a game...
then you can change how you feel.
You can free yourself in an instant.

“Yeh, but...” the mind says, giving you reasons as to why you can’t be free yet.
It wants to postpone freedom, and will make it seem like this is a dangerous game to play.

So you play again...

“How would it feel to be free from this?”

If you can step into that game,
then you suddenly become free.
It IS control, but not through resistance.
It’s not from fighting what you don’t want,
it’s from stepping into a higher realm within yourself,
and realising that your primary reality is within.

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