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Mythical Creatures Of The Forest


There are many creatures in the forest that people think are only myths. For a long time they have been ignoring the forest beside their small villages, and they have yet to turn back to nature...

People think that there is no such thing as a Pikaloo - a bird who can see your future, or a Piggen - a protective hog with a poisonous tusk, or an Earthman - an ancient protector of the forest with special powers, or a Resurrector - a saviour of life with no social skills, or a Healybug - an insect that has the power to fly into people's bodies and eat away at disease, or a Dundenbeast - a powerful protector of the weak and innocent.

But Dr Bernard J. Hoothfellow has been worn down by the world enough to have some space for new discoveries. His old model of living has worn thin, and he finds himself wandering into the forest one day, for no reason other than to escape his problems. And in that forest, he discovers a whole new world…

If you’ve never heard of the Feasting Tree who is developing a taste for young children, or the Navigation Troll who will take you anywhere you want for an unusual price, or the Garganfan who falls from the trees to teach you how to fight, then this book holds the secrets of strange new creatures that you are soon to encounter…

You will learn that the Mountain Man is not as scary as he looks, there is a healing garden to fix any injury you have, and it is of upmost importance that you never, ever trust a Shapeshifter.

This book is an exciting way to learn more about our inherent connection with nature, realise our ability to care for it, and experience the fullness of life through reading.

Read the full book to explore the many wonderful characters and mythical creatures that all have their own role to play within the intelligence of the forgotten forest…



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