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Mythical Creatures Of The Forest

”Right, how often do you feel grateful?” he said to me, standing up straight, no longer leaning on the wall.

“Pardon?” I said.

“How often are you grateful, thankful, appreciative?”

I searched my mind. It felt rather dead in there.

“Well…well I don’t know.”

When was the last time?”

“Um…gosh, well I suppose when I got that money recently, but then again, I was more afraid of losing it than anything else…”

“Blimey,” Charleston said, raising his hand to his forehead and rubbing it so that his forehead wrinkled.

“Well, this might take a bit of getting used to then,” he said. “Down here, you can’t get any more than what you have unless you’re grateful for what you’ve already got. I don’t know how it works up there where you are, but down here, gratitude yields more…”

Mythical Creatures Of The Forest is full of magical stories for kids 9-12 years of age, a great book for children that is fun and easy to read, with some useful life lessons mixed in along the way…

There are many creatures in the forest that people think are only myths. People think that there is no such thing as a Pikaloo, or a Piggen, or an Earthman or a Resurrector or a Healybug or a Dundenbeast or anything else that they have not been taught about in school…

But Dr Bernard J. Hoothfellow has been worn down by the world enough to have some space for new discoveries. His old model of living has worn thin, and he finds himself wandering into the forest one day, for no reason other than to escape his problems. And in that forest, he discovers a whole new world…

Mythical Creatures Of The Forest takes you on a fantastic journey of self discovery, evolution and expansion into who you really are. It is a magical book of forest adventure stories for kids 9-12 years old, which also show the importance of gratitude, appreciation, grounding, perspective, noticing our social conditioning, and enhancing our oneness and connection with nature.

If you are looking for inspiring forest fiction stories, children’s stories to learn from, or an enjoyable mythical creatures fiction book, Mythical Creatures Of The Forest provides a whole new world for you and your child to dive into…

Begin by discovering the Earthman along with Amanda, Richard and Greg, and see what other mythical creatures you discover along the way…


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