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Mythical Creatures Of The Forest

An epic book of fantasy short stories for younger and older readers, full of deeper meanings, life lessons and hidden truths.

There are many creatures in the forest that people think are only myths. People think that there is no such thing as a Pikaloo, or a Piggen, or an Earthman or a Resurrector or a Healybug or a Dundenbeast or anything else that they have not been taught about in school.

But Dr Bernard J. Hoothfellow has been worn down by the world enough to have some space for new discoveries. His old model of living has worn thin, and he finds himself wandering into the forest one day, for no reason other than to escape his problems. And in that forest, he discovers a whole new world...

Mythical Creatures Of The Forest takes you on a fantastic journey of self discovery, evolution and expansion into who you really are. It is a fantasy based on reality, showing the importance of gratitude, appreciation, perspective, not being ruled by social conditioning, and our oneness and connection with nature.

These intertwined, interconnected short stories on life, nature and humanity are often like fables, taking you through an exciting journey, whilst carrying deeper meanings along with them.

This is a book for a wide range of ages. The older you are, the more you can appreciate the deeper meanings, and for younger readers, the stories carry life lessons as well as being a fun and adventurous read.


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