Undisturbed: A Guide To Emotional Wellness

A book designed to dispel the myths we have about emotions, showing how to treat them in such a way that they no longer become a burden...

We are often faithful to emotions, feeling somehow owned by them, when in fact emotions depend on us. We need not cling to them or take them so seriously. They are energy movements, which would not exist if we were not here to witness them.

This book aims to show that we need not label our emotions in any way. We need not regulate or police ourselves. We can relinquish suppressing something because we believe it is "wrong" to feel a certain way - this is all just conditioning. We can stop distinguishing between good and bad emotions, right or wrong feelings, feelings "I should have" or "should not have", what is "spiritual" or "not spiritual", and instead return to pure experience, which is untarnished by story-telling, resistance or personal attachment.

From here we become aware of the deeper peace available prior to emotional movement, where emotions can not stick, which is also the source of all useful action.

Book length: 105 pages

I find Mr. Oakley’s books some of the best in the field.
— Matt H.
One of the best books on emotional intelligence
— Mr C. Stevenson
I found this to be the most helpful out of many hundreds of self help/spirituality books I have read over many years-
— William Duncan
Thank you so much for writing this book.
— A. Ripley
Treasure. I found this book while searching for something to help me learn more about non-judgment. It is a treasure and has opened my eyes to a new way of being.
— Maureen
Honestly, the advice in this book has helped me deal with anxiety better than anything I’ve ever tried. I feel a new sense of freedom and inner peace.
— Amanda
An easy read. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be so helpful in being aware of emotions without letting them control me.
— Eileen Roberts
Simple, yet incredibly powerful and profound.
— Yohan
Great for healing anxiety and the “voices” inside your head or emotions you are trying to fight off!!! Great read.
— Nicole
I use it as an easily accessible reference book to get me back on track when my brain or anxiety taking over. Lots of wisdom in this book and a source of great support.
— Harriet
The best book I have read on peace.
Having read Undisturbed, I must say that it is the epitome of classic books on peace….It is simple yet great. I absolutely love it.
— Anup Adhikari
Helped immensely by this book.
This book helps me through the thick and thin of life.
— Kindle Customer
A book that I will return to again and again throughout life.

Thanks for an excellent guide on allowing our emotions to just ‘be’ and not taking them so seriously.
— Lawrence Gregory
‘Undisturbed’ is one of many fantastic publications by Adam Oakley. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Adam’s website and books - they continue to have such a positive impact on my life
— T.I
I find all of Adam Oakley’s writing to be clear, easy to understand and beneficial to grow one’s life experience. I am so pleased that somehow I located his site. I truly believe that where ever anyone is on their path, Adams writings are beneficial.
— Fantaski
I love how Adam categorizes the book, so if your feeling a certain way, you can go back and look at that chapter to help understand the emotion or the thought. It truly is a way to inner peace and just being.
— Amazon Customer
Undisturbed: A Guide To Emotional Wellness by Adam Oakley, creator of InnerPeaceNow.com