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Undisturbed: A Guide To Emotional Wellness

A book designed to dispel the myths we have about emotions, showing how to treat them in such a way that they no longer become a burden...

We are often faithful to emotions, feeling somehow owned by them, when in fact emotions depend on us. We need not cling to them or take them so seriously. They are energy movements, which would not exist if we were not here to witness them.

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This book aims to show that we need not label our emotions in any way. We need not regulate or police ourselves. We can relinquish suppressing something because we believe it is "wrong" to feel a certain way - this is all just conditioning. We can stop distinguishing between good and bad emotions, right or wrong feelings, feelings "I should have" or "should not have", what is "spiritual" or "not spiritual", and instead return to pure experience, which is untarnished by story-telling, resistance or personal attachment.

From here we become aware of the deeper peace available prior to emotional movement, where emotions can not stick, which is also the source of all useful action.




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