How To Use Your Mind Creatively - Part 2

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Using Our Minds Creatively

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A Creative Tool Degraded To A Reactive One

Usually we are trained to use our mind as reactive tools, constantly reacting to and resisting what we don’t like in the world. We can feel hemmed in by circumstances and what is going on around us, not realising that our thoughts and resistance are what makes us feel so trapped inside something we might not want.

Reactivity and Creativity are the same words, with the “C” in different places. Depending on how you “C” things, you are either reactive or creative.

By reactive I do not mean responsive. Responsiveness flows. Responsiveness is creative. Reactivity, in this article, at least, is a more constricted, unsettled energy that always feels a victim of what is going on around it.

We are reactive to our lives when we interpret our situation through thinking. This is completely normal, but if the reaction is ever a negative one, we create an extra prison for ourselves that tends to keep us stuck for longer than necessary.

All humans create stories about their lives. It is normal, but not always wise, as the way you feel affects the rest of your life.

Is Negativity Helpful Or Adhesive?

We get taught that reacting negatively to events is absolutely necessary to ensure our own safety. If you don’t react negatively, then things will get worse, surely? Surely the reaction is the fuel to fix things rather than let them get worse?

And yet, in really threatening situations, we simply act without thinking. There is no inner reactivity, no noise, no mess. We just act. We respond without even feeling as if we are instigating it. There is no time for drama or B.S or negative mental stories in actual emergencies, and so action just flows.

Nonresistance Allows Access To New Realities

When we stop resisting any part of our life that we don’t like, we leave room within ourselves for a new version to form. We access a creative realm that we can’t see when we are so busy reacting to the world — which is essentially the past. Everything you react to has now already happened. Everything is in the past.

Rather than resisting what we don’t like by reacting negatively, we can instead create our ideal version in our own bodies and minds. A feeling, a vision can come through of what the best outcome would be. We can feel that instead of negativity, and it can begin to filter out into the world.

Everything Already Exists On Some Level

Rather than being a reactor to life, you become a creator of it. Whatever you would like in this life can be felt as a reality now, as if you already have it. We are so used to waiting for things to come in the world that we don’t realise the primary inner reality from which they arise. You can feel how it feels to have that career, relationship, financial status right now, without having to wait. And from that state, if we are more inwardly focussed, action can flow and events can shift to manifest that very same reality in the world around us.

Reactive or creative. Change the way you see things, starting from the inside, and let the world catch up to you.

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