Inner Peace Coaching Example Questions - Pt.2

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Inner Peace Coaching is a one-to-one session that directs you into your natural state of freedom and inner peace, dissolving what covers it up. Usually done over Skype.

These are some previous examples of questions and answers during an Inner Peace Coaching session:


"I keep getting let down by people in my life.  It seems to be a cycle that keeps repeating itself.  Do you know why this is happening and how I can stop it?"


Look at your reaction to these things.  How do you feel about it happening?

"...I feel ok, as if I have to take action and make plans whenever these people are no longer involved in part of my life."

There must be some negativity in you, though, since you are asking me how you can stop this happening in your life.  This is some kind of resistance, saying that you want it to stop.  This is fine, since it brought you to ask this question, but you must be aware of any negative or resistive reaction in you.

If you still react negatively, you will continue to experience this in your external world.  It is as if the negative reaction, in a dormant state, manifests something externally to trigger itself internally, to keep it alive.  As you remove your identity from your reaction - there will be nothing to manifest this in your life anymore.

"I hadn't thought to mention it earlier - but I actually do feel quite a strong rage against the person who has let me down."

Ok, so you are now aware of the reaction that may have been somewhat unconscious before.  This isan egoic reaction, full of resistance and judgement.  You are the awareness of all of this.  It is witnessed by your presence. As the reaction arises, let it be, do not judge, and be the silent space in which it is all witnessed.

It seems at first as if resistance and anger can help resolve and issue, or stop it from happening again.  Actually the opposite is true.  Resistance will hold the situation in place, and will keep it manifesting again and again for you.  Acceptance of your internal pain will transmute your negative reaction into peace.  Be the loving space in which your reaction arises, and you will see you are not the one reacting.  

This is all I can advise to stop this pattern repeating itself externally for you.  Whether it happens again or not - you will be free anyway.



"I need your help, I feel so depressed and i just want the feeling to go away."

Do your feel depressed at this moment, here with me?

"..No, I feel ok at the moment."

Then how can you be depressed if you are not depressed at this moment?

(laughs) "I know what you mean, but the depression will come later, it comes in waves."

Do not get involved with psychological time, particularly when it comes to depression.  Depression is based on time.  There is only this moment, the now.  That is all there is.  All else is imagined.  You are not depressed, because you are not depressed now.

If a wave of depression comes later, do not identify with the feeling.  It is not real, since it comes and goes.  Let it be completely, do not even try to stop it or wish it was not there.  Remain as the space around it, the untouched stillness in which emotions arise.  As you do this the depression will weaken by itself, and you will no longer feel as if "you" are depressed.  

As you realise you are the awareness of depression, identification with the emotion is removed.  Then the emotion is not nearly as troubling as it first was.

As you remove identification with the feeling of depression, the feeling will disappear by itself.  Whether it disappears instantly or not will be irrelevant to you - since you will already be free.



"I have been experiencing extreme self hatred, how can i feel better?  I try to talk myself out of it but it does not seem to work."


All the "voices in your head" are that of the ego.  Even the voice that seems to be "talking yourself" out of feeling bad, this is also ego.  You must remain as the awareness of all of this, do not identify.

"...Ah, I did not realise 'the second' voice in my head is not me, but just another part of the ego."

As self hatred comes, be the neutral awareness of it.  As resistance to this comes - it could be the "talking yourself out of this" - be the neutral awareness of this as well.

This kind of suffering can quickly take you deeply into your true nature if you treat it the right way.  Suffering like this forces you out of identification with what is not real, with what is painful.

If you can fully welcome suffering as it arises, you will not be negatively effected by it any more.  See it as a chance to go deeper into peace, by fully accepting this pain.  Anything else, such as judgement or resistance, will just make it worse. If you are to transcend and transmute the pain into peace, you must fully accept it.  

Be the space for it to do what it wants.  Completely surrender.

Even your self-hatred is part of the "isness" of the present moment. When you do not believe the judgements your mind makes of it, then you see it simply is.  Let it be.


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