Leave The Mess. Be Interested In Peace.

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Here we go...

If you feel as if your mind is a mess, or your emotions are out of control, trying to fix them often brings in the same mind that created them in the first place.

Our attention is usually resistance-based, and as we observe any mess inside of ourselves, the attention is secretly feeding it, sustaining it, keeping it feeling very solid and real.

Is it possible to leave the mess alone, to not need to tidy it up?

It could be negativity, it could be some kind of pain, it could be a grievance, it could be a noisy mind. Is it possible to admit that you can’t change it, and so let it be exactly as it is?

If attention is resistive, it feeds drama. If it is surrendered, it begins to dissolve it.

Bring your attention back to nothing. The nothingness, the emptiness that is surrounding the experience. Around your body there is space, around emotion there is space, around thought there is space. Go back to the space, be more interested in the space for while. Play with it, look at its limits, where it ends, what its problems are, what it is worried about, what it suffers...

We are so interested in noise, that it sweeps up our attention. Become interested in peace again. Become interested in silence, its depth, its formlessness...

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