Scared To Try Meditation Again! Help!

by Robin
(Sterling Heights MI)



I am very new to yoga...practicing 2 weeks to be exact. Actually, I don't even know what kind of yoga I have practiced. I looked at youtube videos and basically followed the instructions of sitting still and clearing my mind. I would typically try yoga in the afternoon when I was free to be alone from my family. I wanted to share the experience I had tonight.

In the past when I meditated my thoughts were running and eventually leveling off for about 10 minutes leaving me feeling a little relaxed. It wasn't bad but there was something that gave a feeling to try it again...almost like an addiction. Let me add that when I meditate I listen to soft music like ocean waves and I listen to this through my headphones on my cell phone through youtube videos. I switched my music and listened to a more tibetian form of music...more of Buddhist feel. During the meditation I thought I saw a silhouette coming toward had no legs, just more like a shadow and it was coming toward me slowing. My subconscious mind wanted to find out what it was and when it appeared to be really close I experienced the strangest sensation ever. I felt scared and I felt like I was about to fall into a black hole so I jumped up petrified! I have had anxiety for about 8 hours off and on and I don't have anxiety or panic attacks at all! Never! Not sure what happened but can someone help? Did I come out of meditation too fast? Am I possessed? Help! Scared for my sanity!  


Don’t worry. Scary meditation experience can happen sometimes. You describe it as if some kind of entity was coming towards you. I'm not sure if that's the case. When people feel they are about to enter a black hole, lose themselves in it, or actually die, it is usually the old mind structures falling away, or the old personal self being absorbed back into its own source. The intense fear can put someone off meditation, which keeps the old mind structures in place.

I don't really have a solid answer for you, but looking at what you have written, you have asked if you came out of meditation too fast. No, I wouldn’t say so. Are you possessed? No, I don't think so. It may well be any experience that never happens again. Sometimes "strange" meditation experiences can happen if someone becomes very "spaced-out" during a meditation - e.g. if someone feels their mind goes up and out, almost in the clouds. It may be helpful for you to have a more inward-turned meditation, such as a simple awareness of breath, feeling of your own existence, or even grounding/earthing. Those kinds of meditations are available on this site for free in the meditation section.

Perhaps it was to do with the energy of the music? I don't know.

Fear and anxiety can be a very normal part of meditation. The old, conditioned energy field of the mind does not wish to be destroyed, and can throw up a lot of fear if it is threatened. I have not heard of or experienced the specific thing you mention, but it may never happen again.

Let yourself feel anxious if that's what is there, and simply be aware that the body is breathing by itself. That is the most simple meditation

Sorry if I could not be more help, but if you wish to ask any follow-up questions, then feel free below. Or if anyone has any advice to help Robin, feel free to comment below


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Mar 10, 2015
Thank you! 
by: Robin

Adam, I appreciate your comment and it does add some clarity to my experience. I have decided to take a class on how to meditate as I am positive a professional can help me get the results I am seeking.

Mar 11, 2015
Good luck 
by: Adam

Good luck to you.