I Can't Stop Thinking!

When The Mind Won't Stop

A few words on the chattering mind:

“I can’t stop thinking”, because “I” is thinking,
if “I” starts to stop thinking, it feels it is sinking.
When it feels it is sinking, it can not survive,
so it would rather cause trouble, than give up its life.
But it has become silly, it just causes trouble,
makes a mess of itself and causes a muddle,
It curses up at the rain, then steps in a puddle.

The thinking is no longer helping.

He talks all day, gives some advice,
he pretends to be bad, pretends to be nice.

But still he won’t shut up.

If he’s told to shut up, he probably won’t,
like a friend become rigid and stubborn.
He’s boring, give him the silent treatment,
and he will vanish, all of a sudden.

- Adam Oakley

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