Attracting Solutions

A recent one-to-one call with someone prompted me to share this...

If you have any worries in your life, or any questions in your mind that are troubling you, you can shift them into a more positive light.

An example is:

“How will my business survive?”

This kind of question can be loaded with fear, and implies that the business is dying. Asking yourself this kind of question will attract thoughts of a similar frequency. Your actions will reflect these thoughts. If they are fear-based or negatively charged, your actions will probably be enough to make the business survive...but only just.

The same question could be framed as:

How can my business do well?
How can my business be successful?
How can things flow better?
How can we be more efficient?
How can the business become healthy?

These kinds of questions are in a different wavelength. They are more empowering, they feel better, and they will attract thoughts of a similar frequency, if the questions are given space.

Actions will then reflect these empowered thoughts.

So if there are things concerning you that you believe require your attention and action, frame your question in terms of what outcome you desire, rather than an outcome your are trying to avoid.

Hope that can help,


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