Feeling Of Entity In Room While Meditating

by Laura
(yuba, ca US)


I have a strange experience every time I meditate or do a self guided regression. I feel a presence in the room with me and I get scared, it appears to be a figure. No color just a grey color. I've also heard things, like walking around or my kids running down the stairs and they are asleep. It freaks me out and I wake up to a pounding heart. Not necessatily wake, but break the meditation. Also I have OBE's and I dont make it far, when im having the obe I feels like my body is stuck in quick sand. Is this normal? I also used to see things in what appears to be my sleep and it's a figure at the end of my bed and it reaches out for my hand, I'll wake up and be reaching my hand out. There's no fear while that is happening. Is this all normal?


Hello, I don't know. It doesn't sound normal, but I have very little experience in regressions. What kind of meditation do you do? Is it particularly grounding or centering, or does it feel like all of your energy is going up and an up?

It may be helpful to fall into more grounding meditations, where the energy is absorbed into the silence within. If you check out the pages on the meditation section of this site, you may find some useful guidance.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what to say. Asking for protection beforehand can be helpful. Feeling yourself covered in a brown protective cloak, or a bubble of light that thickens around you may be helpful. 

Ground yourself before sleep. Feel thick strong roots flowing out of your body and down into the earth, where they grow thicker and stronger and begin to branch off each other to form a huge network, connecting you to the earth.

Here is a grounding meditation: http://www.innerpeacenow.com/Grounding-Meditation.html

Here is a sleep meditation (which involves grounding): http://www.innerpeacenow.com/Sleep-Meditation.html

Perhaps give up regressions for a while? Do they give you a lot of benefit for the present?

Hope that can help somehow,