How To Heal The Obsessive Mind And Overthinking Energies

The obsessive mind is fed by resistance. Whatever you feel you are obsessing over - yourself, someone else, a task, an event, a worry - whatever it is, notice that the very act of obsessing, is an attempt to get you out of it. It is as if the obsession pretends to lead to a place where obsession exists no more, where finally everything is settled and sorted, but all the obsession does is create more and more noise, moving more tightly in a loop and not allowing any space for inspired action.

This is all advice for anyone who feels as if their obsessive mind has become painful, heavy or counter-productive. I’m not saying that obsession in itself is a bad thing.

So, rather than resisting your obsessive mind, instead just offer no more resistance to it. Say yes to it, no longer be in the habit of constricting your attention down to try to eventually stop over-thinking. Trying to stop overthinking leads to more over-thinking, since the thoughts pretend to be leading you out of the discomfort.

How does it feel to let your mind be obsessive? How does it feel to actually no longer try to stop it, but almost say “Ok, be as obsessive as you like.”

We often will predict that this approach will lead to an even more destructive mind, one that becomes a monster. But actually, without the food of resistance, the monster has nothing to live off, and it does not know what to do.

Not liking thoughts or mind activity is what leads to very dense, constricted or obsessive states. Not resisting thought leads to space, peace and clarity.

Hope that helps,