Your Role In Experiencing

After a one-to-one session on Skype with somebody recently, here is an insight that others may benefit from:

Often as human beings we take it on ourselves to decide what our experience should be, and then strive to make that a reality. Perhaps it comes from more primal days, where we wanted food so went out and got it, or where were thirsty we went to drink, but when this deciding how we should feel and then striving towards it becomes an inner habit relating to thoughts and emotions, we can sometimes feel stuck in a tangled mess.

Of course if you want to feel happier, lighter, more free, then there is nothing wrong with that. This is normal. But how do we go about it?

Often it is the very wanting and needing and deciding how we should be feeling that creates a conflict with how we think we feel now. If I am upset, or disturbed, and I think that I should be feeling much better than I do now, then I will feel my attention close and get sucked in and in battle with an experience that I do not want.

Instead, is it possible to relieve the intention or expectation or decision to feel any particular sort of way?

After being introduced to any kind of spiritual material, someone can create an extra ball of resistance that says that they should always be feeling at peace, all of the time, and so when older energies are coming up, more conflict ensues.

What if it was not your job to decide how you should feel? If you can decide how to feel and then consciously shift to feel good, then that is great, that works. but often people don’t feel they have the power for that yet, there needs to be a kind of letting go to allow a shift to take place.

And the letting go is not something that needs to be done. It is a playing, an experimenting with how it would feel to not KNOW how you should be feeling. If you don’t know, if you genuinely don’t know how you should definitely be feeling, then often that lightness and space that we desperately seek is revealed to be our own nature, and exposes itself once we are not so sure and definite that we should be feeling a different way to how we do now.

Hope that helps, let me know your thoughts (if you have any), in the comments.

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