State Of Thoughtlessness

by Jit Biswa


Hi Adam,

After reading lots in present moment awareness, I practice a lot in being in that present moment awareness. Now I would like to be in the “thought-less state”. Please help me how to go about it.


Hi. The thoughtless state is no different than present moment awareness. Present moment awareness means you are allowing the present moment to be as it is, which includes the thoughts and emotions that are here. So whether thoughts are still there or not, they are not a trouble, since you are no longer resisting them. Gradually or suddenly the thoughts lose their power, and you are aware of the deeper reality, the source of thoughts - who you are.

The basis of all thought is the thought of “I” or “me”. This “I” feels disturbed by thoughts, and then seeks a way to be free of thoughts, when in fact this individual sense of “I” is the very root of all compulsive thinking. You need not seek to be in a thought-less state, you ARE the thought-less state, but the idea of being a separate person who can do things, who has a past and a future, with a distinct personality, is what masks this when you believe this inner person is who you are.

Just look at who you are internally. If there is a sense of individuality, of “me”, of person-hood, where does this come from? What is the source of all thought and thoughts of “I”? The source is you, and is one with the thought-less state, or thought-less space. 

Don’t be concerned if thoughts are there or not, they are very deceptive, just be aware of yourself. When you turn the attention towards yourself, as awareness itself, thoughts are not required, and so they can not pull you away so easily.
Some degree of thought is inevitable in this world. Even the sages still had thoughts – since thought can be used for practical purposes. Rather than chasing some state or fighting anything, be aware of who you are, the deeper being, the simple sense of existence, which requires no thought. If you search to reach some kind of state in the future, peace will likely seem elusive. Don’t search for any state or experience, this turns you into a beggar. You may notice that if you relinquish your intentions to reach any future state, or any future moment, then naturally thoughts subside.

“I” practice being “in” present moment awareness, “I” would like to be “in” the thought-less state – what is this “I” – is it not another thought? This “I” that practices, that goes in and out of states is surely fraudulent, since it moves and desires within a greater space of awareness. You are the awareness, not this thought of “I”. Look inwardly yourself and see that the “I” and its related thoughts are purely imagination. You are the deeper being, which is not affected by thoughts.

Thanks for your question, I hope the response is of some benefit


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May 12, 2014


Jul 29, 2014
State of Thoughtlessness 
by: jit biswa

Thanks Adam for insightful response. I am more into a journey of self-exploration after reading your response.

Jul 17, 2015
"Thoughts are in fact deceptive" 
by: Keble McDermoth  

Hey Adam, 

Amazing reply! Anxiety/Panic was apart of my experience for many years of my life which meant that I spent a lot of time "in my head", if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, a different experience unfold as soon I realize that fighting and resisting was making matters worst. 

Instead of trying to get better and reduce anxiety, I simply let go and allowed myself to be because I realized that everything was coming from me. 

Thanks for posting this! 

Jul 18, 2015
by: Adam -

That's great to hear Keble, thanks for sharing.