Sleep Paralysis During Meditation


Hi Adam,

I have started doing meditation. I feel the energy within my body. I read the Power of Now and Eckhart Tolle suggests to feel the energy in the body to stay present.

A few times when I have done it, I have got into sleep paralysis. I feel like I cant move and I am trying to speak but nothing comes out..after a few minutes I wake up and I am terrified because of the experience. Do you know why that happens? It seems to happen more when I get deep into my meditation practice. Thank you.



No I'm not actually sure why that happens. I know it can be scary because you feel like you can not control yourself, but perhaps it is just because you are somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. I don't know what else to advise other than to relax into the experience as much as possible when it happens, and it probably will not stay with you. 

Is it definitely sleep paralysis? Perhaps don't label it as that, let yourself relax into it fully, and you may lose awareness of your surroundings. Let it be an exercise, or an opportunity to relax even further. I feel that the more there is a let-go, the less conflict there will seem to be, the less you will feel split between stillness and activity.

You have already noticed that this experience is transient, it only lasts a few minutes. Keep that in mind, or fully realise it now - that if it ever happens again - it will pass.

Hope that can help, if at all,


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