The Creative Mind vs Presence

Sometimes when I talk with people during one-to-ones, there can be a certain "spiritual conditioning" that ends up suppressing natural creative thoughts or desires. It's good to feel good. There are no downsides when it all comes from within...

I hope this video is helpful.

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Sometimes there can be an obsession with the idea of staying present, so that if you ever have an idea about something or a visualisation about something that you want or an experience you want to have, sometimes a “spiritual mentality” can be saying “no, you shouldn't have that, you shouldn’t be thinking about the future you should be here now, you should just be staring at the wall, staring at the floor, you shouldn’t be thinking about what's next.

But sometimes it feels nice to imagine something nice, and if it feels good it means it’s raising your vibration, and if you realise that the feeling good is coming from within you and it's not actually come from anything else, it’s coming from inside of you - then that raises your vibration, it puts your attention more in touch with finer, more abundant energies. And if you allow any kind of vision that you have of want to have, and appreciate the feelings that come with it, then it’s a bit counter-intuitive - because it can feel like your in the future but its all now - you are here all the time. So you're still present and you start to just have more fun in the present.

Even if there's an idea of a future event, it's like you bring it into now, so you bring that same enjoyable or fun energy into now, and then maybe you let go of the vision or start to do something else, but the feeling, the good feeling or the enjoyable feeling or the fun feeling stays with you. And if you imagine anything the future going well, there's a difference between being dependent on that thing going well to feel good vs feeling good and imagining the thing going well if you want to.

People can sometimes think if you feel like visualising something going well then you become attached to it, become attached to the outcome or the result, but if it feels good to just do it -  you're not growing attachment, you're just putting good energy out into the universe and you're starting to realise that the good feelings come from inside of yourself and they don't come from directly from events or things happening a certain way, so you become less dependent on things because you're starting to produce your own energy and express your own energy from inside of you rather than feeling as if you need to get it from other people or other things or other events.

For some people they won't have any interest in visualising anything or thinking about the future, and that's fine, but if you feel like just doing it then that's probably quite an intuitive sense. And if it feels good then what could be the downside really, If it just feels good?

The downside is maybe the crash - you know - if it doesn't go so well or being independent on something, but  as I said you're not growing dependence, you're growing good feelings, independent, unconditional good feelings, even though it can seem conditional like you’re imagining a condition and it makes you feel good and you can start to feel that the good feelings can also be there without anything else.

So what I really mean is if you feel like imagining good stuff then let yourself do that. And it's even more powerful if you don't let it go too much up into just your head but it's like you're letting manifest inside your whole body, your whole system and you’re kind of allowing it rather than trying to think it yourself. It’s more like you receive it or it thinks through you, rather than you feeling like you're this separate thing that's trying to imagine something.

Hope that makes sense.


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