The Swimming Mind

The Swimming Mind

The struggling mind fights and moves,
Like someone swimming on top of the sea.
It desperately wants to find the route,
So it can rest and finally be free.

Someone calls out at the swimmer,
"Just drown and have it all done!"
The swimmer refuses to go deeper,
And waits till the rescue boat comes.

It waits and it waits, always it is waiting,
For it's saviour to come and to save it.
"Once the boat is here, then I can rest,
And my struggle will be old and outdated!"

But the boat never comes, and the swimmer keeps searching,
Wanting and hoping for release.
The mind grows exhausted and gives up its yearning,
And the swimmer is sucked down into the sea.

The swimmer does drown, it may have been painful,
It certainly wasn't what they expected.
And after they've gone, all that remains,
Is the depth of the sea unaffected.

From the book:

Photo above by Marco Chiesa on Flickr